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We have books and videos you can purchase that will help every aspect of your horse training, whether you're a novice or an expert, there's something for everyone!

Here you'll find videos from every aspect of horsemanship.  From learning what to look for to breaking a horse.  If you can't find something you'd like to see, just contact us!  We may have something coming up you may be interested in!
Colt Starting 102... The Redux

Another uncut and unscripted DVD series featuring Paco a coming 3 year old Andalusian gelding that is definitely not your Grandmas horse! This was a very challenging colt to start and it wasn't always easy, or as seen on TV where everything is perfect. Using the methods learned from many other horsemen, and women, a lifetime of experience with horses, and mixed with a little common sense, Smokie takes you through the realities of starting a colt under saddle and the first rides. Each days lesson and the methods used are explained and shown exactly as it happened... No cut aways, no music, no fantasy.

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Colt Starting 101... Raw and Uncut

In this twelve part DVD series, "Yukon," a five year old mustang, is started under saddle. Each day's lesson from day one through his first ride outside is filmed raw and uncut just as it happened. No fancy editing. No cut-a-ways. No music or special effects. What you will see is how Smokie works with a colt, pure and simple. He explains each day's lesson, the methods used, Yukon's progress and the setbacks with no interrupts, or the bad stuff left out to make a more perfect film. This is just like it would be if you train, or start, a horse at home. Coupled with the fricking chicken running around, birds chirping, dogs barking, and all the other distractions you would have in the real world.

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From The Groundwork... Up

Any good carpenter will tell you, "Good houses start with a good foundation." Good pilots learn to control the plane and fly on the ground not in the air... The same is true when training your horse. If you don't build a good foundation on your horse from the start, based on respect, stability, and control from the ground, you will no doubt crash and burn if your horse takes flight when you're on his back.

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Hooked On... Round Pen Work

In this DVD, horseman Smokie Brannaman shows you the basic principles and foundations for round pen work, and “hooking on” when working with young horses or older horses needing some fine-tuning.

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You Can't Ride Pretty

In this DVD, horseman Smokie Brannaman takes you through the myriad of the things you need learn and think about before you buy your first horse, want to find something better, or become a horse owner. Filmed live at Smoke’s “You can’t ride pretty” day long horse buying clinic, this is a complete guide to buying, evaluation, what to really look for, and other factors to consider in finding and purchasing a horse that will meet your needs.

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We have some books that are about the basics of horesemanship.  How do you know if you have a good horse or not?  How can you get better at riding?  What kind of bit should I use?  
Equiknowlogy 101

A study guide for obtaining your degrees in Equine Studies... (In one easy lifetime lesson) This study guide will take the reader through virtually, (well just about) everything you can think of when it comes to owning horses, the knowledge required, and the truly bad things that can happen when you are not prepared for it. You will hopefully learn your lessons from the mistakes of other less fortunate failing students of the Equiknowlogy program enrolled one of other degree programs. The ones that didn't take the time to study before getting acquainted with the realities of graduating from Buck Off U. (University), and the You Can't Ride Pretty school for first time horse buyers.  

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Whisper This
"For years I seen people watch a movie, read a book, or see something on TV and get some Black Beauty fantasy going about what it would be like to have a horse of their very own.Then they run right out and buy one.

All too often, the fantasy ends with broken bones, broken dreams, broken bank accounts, and unbroken or ruined horses. If only they would have taken a few steps back and listened to someone other than that famous TV trainer or the used horse salesman hawking that dead-broke 2 year old filly, they just might have save themselves a lot of grief, pain and money. that's what I think it's all about; not being rich and famous, or even breaking even on this book.

No bull$#it advise comes from someone whose motive is to make the rider safe and the horse comfortable and content... Not form someone focused on the profit they can make."

While recovering from shoulder surgery, Smokie decided to continue pursuing his passion for helping people and their horses by taking a shot at writing. Whisper This is the result. Using his dry wit and year of experience, Smokie takes the reader through a myriad of things you need to know and think about if you have a horse or are considering becoming a horse owner.

This is the "Must have" book for anyone interested in horses! Whisper This has been read by people around the world and is now being made available as an e book to allow even more horse folks to appreciate these great words of wisdom.

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