Colt Starting 102

Colt Starting 102
About The DVD
Colt Starting 102... The redux... Another uncut and unscripted DVD series featuring Paco a coming 3 year old Andalusian gelding that is definitely not your Grandmas horse! This was a very challenging colt to start and it wasn't always easy, or as seen on TV where everything is perfect. Using the methods learned from many other horsemen, and women, a lifetime of experience with horses, and mixed with a little common sense, Smokie takes you through the realities of starting a colt under saddle and the first rides. Each days lesson and the methods used are explained and shown exactly as it happened... No cut aways, no music, no fantasy... 

Lessons include: 
  • Round pen work 
  • Groundwork 
  • Desensitizing and flag work 
  • Saddling Bridling 
  • The first ride 
  • Progressive rides indoors and down the road 
  • Working the kinks out of a troubled horse 
  • And added bits of knowledge that might come in handy whether you start a colt or not. 
This video is designed to give you not only an insight on starting colts but also good solid methods of working with all horses to get them restarted, fix issues, or improve. You will not find a more honest, well rounded training video that contains more education than this one. Entertainment or changing the horse world is not the motive of our videos... Teaching you and your horse how to be safe and get along better is our bottom line...You can pay for a fantasy, but it won t help much when you step into the realities of the real horse training world. This video won't win any awards, but it is my hope that it will help you and your horse work better as partners, be safer, and to ride another day. 

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