Our Pardners

Our Pardners

Here you'll find people and companies who we believe in 
and  consider not just our peers but our friends as well.  
These are folks we'd ride the river with.
Horse Trainers
One thing you'll find here at Horseman's Services that may seem odd is that we are humble.   If we cannot help you with your problem we’ll tell you that too! at no charge!  Sometimes your manner of learning is better suited to a different trainer or another trainer's schedule works better for you.  We don't get offended when that happens!  And often we recommend others!  Listed below is a group of folks we consider pardners here at Horseman's Services.  So if you're looking for something different from us, please stop at their sites below.
Saddles and Equipment
Here at Horseman's Services, we don't necessarily endorse any products by name.  However, there are places where we have been customers and have good experiences with those places.  We're sharing those sites here.
General horse equipment and supplies

National ropers supply

Rope halters

Lead line rope (Safety Blue)

Custom and McCall saddles (new and used)
Custom and McCall saddles

Custom Wade saddles (Excellent quality and fair price)

New and used saddles (100s)

Clothes, saddles and more
Other Sites
Here are a few sites that we've looked at over the years and found interesting enough to share with others. So if your'e looking for something different, please have a look!
Registered Quarter Horses for Sale

Braided Horse Hair Jewelry
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