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By Smokie 23 Sep, 2013
Hello friends, It has been quite some time since I posted here… Partly because no one really seems to visit these blogs much any more, and and like most folks, face book is where its at if you want to … Continue reading →
By Smokie 08 Jan, 2013
Hello Friends, Here’s the start of our 2013 Clinic list. If your interested in having us help you please contact us at March 9 – 10 Fat, Fear and 50… Shut up and Ride Clinic Building horse and rider … Continue reading →
By Smokie 29 Dec, 2012
Holiday greetings my friends! I hope your winter and holiday season has been good to you and you have a great new year! We are hunkered down in our winter quarters putting together our clinic and training list for spring. … Continue reading →
By Smokie 12 Oct, 2012
Hello Friends, It seems we’ve about seen the last of warm weather up here in the North country… The green is about gone and the horses are shedding. Yet another year has come and gone. This year has been marked … Continue reading →
By Smokie 30 Aug, 2012
Well it’s been quite a summer here at the ranch! We’ve made a lot of new friends through our affiliation with Inner City Slickers and of course all the folks that were kind enough to allow us to do our … Continue reading →
By Smokie 27 Mar, 2012
Hello Friends, Here is the start of where we will be and what we are doing this summer. I hope you will drop by! April 20 – 22 Midwest Horse Fair Madison, WI OM33 May 5 – 6 Horse a … Continue reading →
By Smokie 14 Feb, 2012
Hello Friends, I hope your new year is starting off great  I wanted to talk a little this morning about making comparisons…When you make comparisons, whether it is between  one horse or another, or one person and another it has … Continue reading →
By Smokie 08 Nov, 2011
Hello Friends, Sometime back I sent a letter and a copy of my book to our new President… (Well it was right after the election but who’s counting the days).  I  just wanted to encourage him and the new congress … Continue reading →
By Smokie 28 Sep, 2011
Hello Friends, Well fall is just around the corner and I can feel the chill in the air.. Seems like this age thing creeps into the joints more and more every year.. I’d like to thank all of you that … Continue reading →
By Smokie 12 Jul, 2011
Hello Friends, Well I and a bunch of my friends went to see “Buck” in  Milwaukee on the 23rd and I gotta say, It’s a pretty good flick!  Since a lot of people are asking about what happened to me … Continue reading →
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