Equiknowlogy 101

Equiknowlogy 101
About The Book
A study guide for obtaining your degrees in Equine Studies... (In one easy lifetime lesson) This study guide will take the reader through virtually, (well just about) everything you can think of when it comes to owning horses, the knowledge required, and the truly bad things that can happen when you are not prepared for it. You will hopefully learn your lessons from the mistakes of other less fortunate failing students of the Equiknowlogy program enrolled one of other degree programs. The ones that didn't take the time to study before getting acquainted with the realities of graduating from Buck Off U. (University), and the You Can't Ride Pretty school for first time horse buyers.

The home school study program for hard knocks and reality, and making a lot of contributions to the Foundation for Clinicitis, RFD, Yahoo, and the home for unwanted horses and uneducated owners. This study guide is based on true life stories, questions and lessons learned from real people just like you. Just everyday folks who have made the ill-advised attempt to get a horse, ride or do just about anything else you can think of in the equine world, before completing, (or at least getting an good handle on) their studies at Whisper This... College of Equiknowlogy... These lessons are what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Hopefully what happened to these folks in these studies won't happen you! Now, if your thinking, It's not worth the money and I all ready know this stuff, so I won't buy it... Fine with me! I have good horses and enough money to eat on... The price you will pay for that 1200 pound lawn ornament you are about to buy and the money you spend in the future will be a whole lot more... One way or the other you'll pay! And good luck to ya! You just might make the revised edition of the next study guide!

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Reviews and Comments
Genre: Study Guide/Nature 
Title: Equiknowlogy 101 ... 
Author: Smokie Brannaman

A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer. While there is no one fits all method of training a horse, if the trainer approaches with an open mind and sensitivity toward animals, in this case horses, the horse can teach the trainer how the horse wishes training from the trainer. 
Equiknowlogy Book Cover
When working with something as large and heavy as a horse, it might be a good thing to listen what to what the horse is willing to teach the trainer about the proper method for building a bond between horse and trainer. The tack used and method of training for a particular horse will need to be worked out between animal and human for there to be the proper level of trust built between the two. For training to commence and have a good outcome for both and so that riders will have a good horse for their riding pleasure. While some of what is in the book may seem to be common sense, it is the horse s common sense that trainers need to worry about, connect to, and let the horse tell the trainer what works best for each individual trainer. This reviewer found Equiknowlogy 101 to be a fun and informative read. If the reader is looking for how to train their horse or looking for a trainer, Equiknowlogy 101 will give you some basic information on how to train, or what to look for. When training a horse, the trainer will learn many things from a horse, one being patience. If the person training does not have patience when they begin, they will by the time the horse if trained. Equiknowlogy 101 is a recommended 4 out of 5 stars read for anyone thinking of acquiring a horse or becoming a horse trainer because they love being around horses and love riding horses. 

Bob Medak, 
Allbooks Review  

Horses have always had a special place in people's hearts. Equiknowlogy 101... is a guide to horse ownership and care, covering the many details of care and understanding horses while using a bit of humor on the matter. Scholarly researched with plenty of advice and wisdom for both novices and those who are a bit more experienced on the matter. Equiknowlogy 101... is a good resource for horse owners and would be horse owners a like. Highly recommended!  

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review  

(You can read this review online here about halfway down the page.)

Dear Smokie,

My husband and I were in a bookstore this afternoon where I found "Equiknowlogy 101." Oh yeah, I'm watching RFD-TV and seeing all the trainers. I've seen John Lyons, bought some books and magazines, Clinton Anderson actually did help me start my colt under saddle and I want to love Parelli, but can't quite wrap my mind around all of it. Just ask my horses!

I'm not finished with your book, but I'm truly impressed. I went to your website and looked at some of the links. I had horses as a kid and lived to tell about it, and then my husband and I got into horses in our early 40s. The only thing that saved us was we had enough money to waste on a lot of trainers!!...

... But my purpose in writing was to tell you that your words wring true for all of us horse lovers. Thanks for taking the time to share, for your honesty and ability to write!! I'm passing your info along to several friends.

Anne W
Monroe, WI

I've read most of the Equiknowledgy book and I am really enjoying it. You write like you're having a conversation with me. I appreciate your sense of humor and think it's a good way to take the sting out of the hard things you have to tell people. Also the way you take the mickey out of certain well-known clinicians. The best part so far? I'd pick two bits I like a lot: The Keys to Being a Good Horseman and Trainer (p. 114) because it's a heartfelt try on your part to do the impossible: put what you've learned in a lifetime into a few words. The other bit I like is "Your Final Exam". Every question, funny or not, makes you think. Which you have to do every minute around horses." I recommend Equiknowlogy 101... To everyone!

Guelph Ontario, Canada

Hi Smokie,

The books and the DVD are great. We've had horses for 30 years and are finally starting to understand how they think and how to deal with them thanks to information like yours. I think the clinicians and trainers are getting better at communicating also. We found out about you through our friends Margaret and Rusty Hebel and your brother who worked with one of our first horses and through a google search for Round Penning DVDs. There aren't many out there and yours was the most reasonable price-wise. Our horses are trained but haven't been used much the last year and the round penning exercises has been an insurance policy against possible wrecks. Can't afford any wrecks now that we're past 60. 

Jon and Jean Gravning

Smokie, I just received your book today. I started with the preface and got to page 13 before I realized that I was being chastised for not paying more attention to my girlfriend Saturday night! I wake at 5:30 every AM so I can get on with my reading and laughing. I really want to graduate! Thanks and without even getting in depth to your new book, I have to ask WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE!

Jeff Foster. 


I'm proud to have your guidance and experience in my life right now, via your books! OH and I love the way you write too! I hear you speak the words as I'm reading the material is so down to earth!

Thanks Again Kind Sir!
Suzie Phillips.

Dear Smokie,
Well, I’ve finished Equiknowlogy 101 and am really hopeful you’ll have a 201 continuing coursework book coming out soon! I learned a lot from your books so far – and had a couple good laughs too. I love the straight forward common sense approach that comes with encouragement but without the all the fluff. Some of the questions in these online blogs…I know there are supposedly no dumb questions but perhaps there are a lot of inquisitive idiots?
My education continues at the Hilltop Ranch with riding lessons and helping with chores every chance I get. I feel like I learn something – even if it’s just a term or a little trick (like don’t hang the halter where it will interfere with sliding the door, hang it further down!) every time I’m there. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I read your Whisper This book and now Equiknowlogy instead of taking the advice I got to just go buy a horse and figure it afterward. You’ve kept me out of a lot of trouble and probably some course work from Black and Blue U!
I still look forward to one day having a horse – but I’m the first to admit I need quite a bit more knowledge beforehand.
Hope you write a follow up soon!
Michelle Thornton 
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