Here you'll find the upcoming clinics we have as well as what sorts of things 
we present in clinics or seminars if you're interested in having us do one for you!
Clinics Tailored To Suit Your Needs
We conduct clinics and seminars for everyone! That would include 4H groups, clubs, business, or groups and individuals. Each clinic and seminar is tailored to meet your needs! Costs are reasonable and are based on the topics covered and the length of the clinic. You won’t be charged a ton of money if you’re a 4H group that wants to learn! Here at Horseman’s Services, it’s about teaching both the horse and the rider!

Typical topics covered during clinics are as follows:
  • Ground work so you understand how the horse moves while in the saddle
  • Desensitizing your horse so it gains confidence
  • Techniques to use to soften your horse's mouth 
  • Showing you how to teach your horse about new things
  • How to break your horse hind quarters free for better mobility
  • And much, much more!
But again, this is just a sample. We customize every clinic to the riders so that they can get the best experience possible!
Upcoming Clinics
Below is the schedule of upcoming clinics. If you are interested in joining one that has room, please go to our Contact Us page and hit us up. We'd love to have you join us!
April 2017

April 21-23 - Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI

May 2017

May 6-7 - Fat, Fear, and Fifty Clinic in Columbus, WI [FULL]
May 17 - Horsemanship and Problem Solving in West Bend, WI [FULL]

June 2017

June 10-11 - Fat, Fear, and Fifty Clinic in Columbus, WI [FULL]

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

Sept 16-17 - Fat, Fear, and Fifty Clinic in Columbus, WI [FULL]
Sept 30 - Horsemanship Seminar [FULL]

October 2017
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